• This log is designed to track our progresses in astronomy and space-exploration. I will try to include all important space-related missions and updates from countires all over the world. Also, links to specfic mission's overviews and reports will be included. Update constantly.

Mankind was born on earth.
It was never meant to die here.
          - Joseph Cooper, Interstaller

Start from 2021.04.12, the 60th International Day of Space Flight.
Unless labeled specifically, all time is based on UTC.

2021.05.14 23:18

China’s 1st Mars exploration probe, 天问一号 (Tianwen-1), successfully landed on Mars

2021.05.19 (UTC +8:00) landing visuals sent back.
2021.05.22 10:40 (UTC +8:00) 祝融号火星车 (Zhurong) drove down to Mars’ surface


NASA’s asteroid explorer OSIRIS-REx started its return trip to Earth with samples from asteroid Bennu. Planned to reach Earth on 2023.09.24


SpaceX’s Starship SN15 successfully landed after the test flight.

2021.04.29 11:23 (UTC +8:00)

China’s new space station’s core module, 天和 (Tianhe), was successfully launched and entered planned orbit.

2021.04.27 11:23 (UTC +8:00)

China’s space company Origin Space launched the first prototype mining spacecraft, NEO-1, on Long March 6 rocket.

2021.04.23 09:49

In Crew-2 mission, SpaceX successfully launched the Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying four astronauts into space.

2021.04.24 09:08 Endeavor docked with ISS.
2021.04.24 11:15 Hatch opened

2021.04.19 07:34

NASA’s Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity, successfully completed its first flight attempt on Mars.

2021.04.22  2nd attempt complete
2021.04.25  3rd attempt complete
2021.04.30  4th attempt complete
2021.05.07  5th attempt complete

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